At Foulger-Pratt, we are developers, owners, and operators of commercial real estate, and as part of our core values, we seek to design and manage our real estate with a focus on protecting the environment. As a certified green contractor, we are developing communities that are LEED certified, and through our management, we provide systems and resources to our team members and residents so we can minimize our environmental footprint. 

As part of our sustainability practices, we incorporate amenities and services that allow our tenants and residents to actively participate in reducing our environmental footprint, including LED lighting, energy-efficient appliances, smoke-free communities, ample recycling containers throughout residential and office spaces, use of green cleaning products, use of recycled paper products in offices and common areas, motion detectors in models and common areas for lower energy consumption, and more. 

In recognition of our commitment to sustainability, we received the ABC Certified Green Contractor designation from the National Green Building Committee of Associated Builders and Contractors, reflecting our effective implementation of energy and environmental policy within the workplace, as well as the Pioneer Green Seal certification, in recognition of our use and implementation of green cleaning products and equipment and green operating procedures.

All cleaning contract services are implemented with sustainability in mind in conjunction with our partner, Pioneer.  In 2010, Pioneer achieved Green Seal (GS-42) Certification! Green Seal is a nationally accredited, science-based organization that developed a standard for Green Cleaning within Commercial and Institutional properties. From products, processes and personnel, GS-42 implements Green initiatives in every level of cleaning operations. The certification process included an initial 24-hour training, Standard Operating Procedures and a detailed onsite audit. GS-42 provides a platform upon which Pioneer can deliver more sustainable and efficient cleaning to the Washington market. For more information about Green Seal, visit